About Joseph Strickland

     Chicago born filmmaker & IFP/Chicago member Joseph (Joe) Strickland, who is the screenwriter, director, and producer of most of his feature films, got his start in music videos featuring local acts of notable blues and jazz musicians, corporate videos, and televised programs for cable TV, as well as live events. 

    As a Columbia College student with an interest in art & writing, he gradually progressed to working on student films with colleagues, and this led to his natural ability to express his creativity from the canvas to motion pictures - which led to his first independent feature film titled "DUAL MANIA".

    This psychological suspense thriller deals with an African-American Psychiatrist who receives a white male patient who is deeply disturbed by childhood demons.

    Presently, Mr. Strickland, 52, is working on a new screenplay which will continue the story of key characters from the first film, and examine key issues that were raised regarding the African-American community, spirituality, and threats to society at large.

    As a filmmaker, Mr. Strickland participated as a judge in the 1996 Chicago Film Festival. And in 1997/98, he also was invited to be a judge in the Chicago Children's International Film Festival, which had been Chaired by former Chicago First Lady, the late Maggie Daley.

   He has also been interviewed in various industry publications & newspaper articles, including: VARIETY, SCREEN MAGAZINE, BILLBOARD, The CHICAGO TRIBUNE, The CHICAGO DEFENDER, The CHICAGO SUN-TIMES and The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, not to mention local radio stations and cable TV outlets. 




Visionary Influences...

Mr. Strickland's visionary influences include: Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, Roman Polanski, Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, Carl Franklin & Terrence Malick, among others.

Joseph Strickland is a member of the Worldwide Who's Who of Executives and Professionals.

Joseph Strickland

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