My Film Preparations And Presentation

     Joseph Strickland got his start in producing after visiting a cable television station called Chicago Cable Access in Chicago, IL..

   While honing his skills in writing, editing, & directing live programs, Strickland discovered that he enjoyed the creative process of bringing an idea into completion, such as: producing music videos & live television, as well as major televised events. He was soon invited to participate in other independent filmmakers' projects.

    In 1996, after meeting independent film producer rep guru John Pierson, who advised Strickland on how to best achieve and develop a cinematic vision, Strickland then went into overdrive, working to bring his creative vision into being. He began to gather together several film investors who would assist him in financing the film work to be produced and directed by Strickland - that film work being his first independent feature film, "DUAL MANIA". And Strickland also kept the legendary Pierson in the loop with production updates, via telephone and U.S. mail, from development to post production.

  Joseph Strickland is currently working on several screenplays/teleplays, and plans to begin a new project sometime in 2015.

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