My Artistic Vision In The Making Of Feature Films

     Joseph Strickland got his start in the arts by drawing & painting from his childhood into his teens; and he has won several art contests throughout the city. But he soon felt drawn (pun intended) into storytelling - in wanting to expand beyond the canvas.

   As a Columbia College student, he began to make music videos, and was soon participating in other students' films, which gave him an opportunity to write, direct & produce. And then came the idea for a story after watching a documentary on the Jeffrey Dahmer trial; and that was the basis for his first independent feature film titled "DUAL MANIA".

    During the summer of 1989, a then 26-year-old Strickland produced & directed the first Asian arts festival for Chicago Cable Access, where artists from over (33) Asian countries descended on Chicago to participate in dance, theater, music, cooking, the martial arts & storytelling.

    In 1993, Strickland began to write the screenplay titled "DUAL MANIA", and eventually produced & directed the feature film, shot entirely in Chicago, Il., and featuring a diverse cast of gifted performers that showcased the unique blend of communities that reflect the distinctiveness of the city.


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