The Centaur Casting Agency

A Vital Vision Productions Affiliate, The Centaur Casting Agency was founded by Cat Ellington in 1996 after her casting duties on Dual Mania were completed. The company, named in honor of Ellington's star sign, Sagittarius, serves in partnership with Vital Vision Productions as the executive casting entity for the production company's film and television projects.

Cat Ellington

Active in four branches of the arts, including music, movies, art, and literature, the prolific Cat Ellington began her film career in 1993 when she assumed the duty of executive casting director on the feature film Dual Mania.

In addition to that, Ellington also wrote five original songs which appear on the soundtrack to the feature: The Book of Us, Something in Your Eyes, I'm Still in Love, Gett Out, a heavy metal track that she co-wrote with Joseph Strickland, and I Do, the winner of the 2019 Vegas Movie Award for Best Song.